About Us

Would you like to build up and support your competitive potential?
Would you like to take the best position in your local and international market?
Would you like to come in long-run contracts with us for our vegetable and fruit products at competitive price and uncomparable quality?

Would you like to seek a great business partner who can move you to the market front and keep you doing well?
Jalal Akbar & Sons and Company (JAS) offers you all above benefits and much more ……
Jalal Akbar & Sons and Company (JAS) established in 1952, has the leading position when it has to do with import, export of fresh vegetables and fruits all over the world.
We have all the potentials to achieve the local and international objectives. We have farms, sorting facilities, packing and covering facilities, contracts with the big transportation and shipping firms.

We also have appointed a team of highly professional agriculture experts.

The export, sales and marketing executives keep researching the markets to deal with the growing demand of fresh fruit and vegetable products as well as the best approaches to negotiate with the clients to provide the ultimate benefits to both parties.

Jalal Akbar & Sons and Company has a very big client list and great performance during last in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from throughout the world made special especially in the course of processing by attractive price and excellent quality. Clients can feel the same fresh quality of our all fruit and vegetable products every time, they order.

We cover range of variety from all over the world. It is recognized for our exclusive offers and supplies. As a group, we are around 125 people in our company. We have been attempting always to build our brand not only locally but also internationally from the first year of business to so far. We offer an excellent range of services and quality to our clients. We are recognized by our business values and common sense of market. These business values and our determination shape and speak about our support to the service problems facing our clients throughout the world.

Our key principles
We offer a great business dealing environment and care for our clients with respect and esteem.
We include diversity in our scope as an important factor in the way we care the business.
We have the high standards of quality to purchase and deliver our fruit and vegetable products with total freshness to all our clients.
We have developed excitedly satisfied clients in our client list.
We know that prosperity is important to our potential success.

Stuff We Do Best

Jalal Akbar & Sons Products Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 88%
Packaging: 75%